Andrea Pimpini


Sale of services related to digital marketing on Fiverr. Guest posts with SEO optimization. All 5 star reviews!

Press and radio promotion for a petition that reached parliament

In 2020/2021 I launched a petition that reached Italian Parliament on, I personally managed the online campaign. The results were: over 64,000 signatures, interviews in newspapers from all over Italy and the proposal reached Parliament.

Music activities

Since 2017 I have been pursuing one of my greatest passions: music. To practice what I studied and still study at university, I chose to manage everything by myself (radio and press promotion, event organization, etc.). The most relevant results of the digital marketing campaign are the following: in 2020, my live streams were shared on Sky TG24 alongside renowned names in the Italian music scene (Modà, Francesco Renga, Nek, etc.); in 2021 Billboard placed me at the top of one of its charts for 3 weeks in a row; in 2022 I was interviewed on Il Messaggero, one of the best-selling newspapers in Italy.

Two blogs: and is a blog founded out of passion where, every month, I publish news, reviews and curiosities. Thanks to the high number of monthly visits, I was able to collaborate with Xiaomi IT and Xbox Game Studios in exchange for reviews about their latest products.
Through the blog I also manage the activities on Fiverr and music promotion is the English version of the blog and will be operational again from October 2022